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Patio Doors Vs. Garden Doors: Here’s the Difference

by KE JIAYI 10 May 2023 0 Comments

As homeowners, you’d want to make the most of your outdoor living spaces. One of the ways you can achieve this is by installing the right type of door that seamlessly connects your indoor and outdoor areas.

But with so many options available, deciding which type of door is best suited for your needs can be quite difficult, to say the least. In this blog post, we'll explore two popular options: patio and garden doors. We'll dive into their features, benefits, and drawbacks to help you decide which would be perfect for your home.

Sliding Door - Pros & Cons

Sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes due to their sleek design and space-saving capabilities. However, they have some specific pros and cons that you should consider. Let's have a look at the pros and cons of sliding doors:

Sliding Doors Pros

Style & Design: Sliding doors offer a sleek and modern look that can complement any home decor.

Space & Ease Of Use: Sliding doors take up minimal space. It makes them perfect for smaller homes or tight spaces. They are also easy to open and close, making them ideal for busy households.

Energy Efficiency: Sliding doors are designed to be energy efficient. They have a low e-glass coating that can regulate the UV rays entering your house. The sliding door also lets more natural light enter compared to garden doors.

Viewing: Sliding doors provide unobstructed views of your outdoor surroundings. These doors boast a larger glass surface area, thus, creating an uninterrupted view.

Security & Privacy: Regarding securing your home, patio doors offer several options. Their sliding form allows for adding a security bar, kick locks, and deadbolts to increase protection. Tempered glass also helps to prevent break-ins. You can even opt for inner micro blinds for added privacy and convenience.

Costs & Maintenance: Sliding doors are cost-effective and require minimal maintenance. It makes them a smart investment for homeowners.

Sliding Doors Cons

Style & Design: Sliding doors may look old-fashioned in old-designed houses. Also, as only the glass option is available, this greatly limits the choice in terms of door materials.

Space & Ease Of Use: While sliding doors take up minimal space, they may not be as easy for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities. People can trip on the door frame if unaware. The sliding door also allows less space compared to garden doors to take things in and out of the house.

Security & Privacy: Sliding doors may be vulnerable to break-ins if they are not equipped with the proper security features or if they are not installed correctly.

Cleanliness Issues: Sliding doors offer unparalleled views and natural light, but their large glass surfaces can collect dirt, grease, and grime. It can be especially problematic for households with pets or children. However, with regular cleaning, this minor inconvenience can be easily overcome.

Stiff Track: Sliding doors can be a source of worry for many homeowners, especially when it comes to the problem of sticky or stiff tracks. This issue can make opening or closing the door challenging, causing frustration and inconvenience.

Garden Door - Pros & Cons

Garden doors offer a sophisticated alternative to sliding doors. These doors are equipped with glass panels and handles and swing open like traditional doors. Garden doors can transform the look of your home and add a touch of elegance. Here are some pros and cons of garden doors:

Glassdoor Pros

Style & Design: Garden doors can transform the look of a property, both from the inside and outside. You can create a unique and personalized look for your home with various customizable options, including design, colors, frames, materials, finishes, and hinge swing variations.

Space & Ease Of Use: Double doors offer a wider opening than traditional patio doors. This makes moving large items in and out of your home easier. As some models can install a pet door, a garden door is an amazing option for pet owners. With a sill in the place of a track, there is a reduced risk of tripping.

Viewing: There are plenty of options in terms of viewing. You can use frosted glass, tinted glass, stained glass, and many more.

Security & Privacy: You can customize the glass inserts with options such as privacy glass, grilled glass, stained glass, etched glass, and unique glass coatings to match your style and specific privacy needs.

Long Lifespan: To increase the product's longevity, manufacturers use rust and corrosion-resistant materials. Such materials ensure that the product remains in top-notch condition for an extended period. 

Glassdoor Cons

Energy Efficiency: Garden doors are commonly constructed with a wood and steel composite, which can result in a faster heat loss compared to vinyl sliding Patio doors. Glass options are typically limited to double-glazed windows, and only a few exceptions offer triple-glazing.

Space & Ease Of Use: The available screen options are limited to ensure proper functionality. It's important to ensure that the door has sufficient space both inside and outside to allow for swinging. Adherence to standard door widths and heights is crucial to guarantee a seamless fit.

Viewing: Garden doors allow less light to enter your home. It is due to their larger structural requirements, which can limit the amount of natural light that enters your living space.

Security & Privacy: French-style garden doors lack robust center support, compromising their security. Compared to sliding patio doors, garden doors usually have only one lock, making them less secure.

Costs & Maintenance: Garden doors are pricier than sliding doors due to their larger size and more intricate design.


Both patio doors and garden doors have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. While patio doors are popular for their sleek and modern design, garden doors offer a more traditional and rustic look.

The decision between the two comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of your home. Consider factors such as space, security, and energy efficiency when deciding. No matter which option you choose, both patio doors and garden doors can add value and beauty to your home.

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