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A Detailed Guide to Exterior French Doors

by KE JIAYI 16 May 2023 0 Comments

Are you tired of feeling disconnected from your outdoor space? Do you want to bring in more natural light and create an inviting entryway to your home? If so, you might be interested in learning about exterior French doors. These esthetic doors can transform your home's look up to 10 folds making your room brighter. Therefore I am here to help you know everything about exterior French doors. So, get ready to upgrade your curb appeal and enjoy a seamless indoor-outdoor connection like never before!

 Standard Size(in")
Width Height Size
48 80 48x80
60 80, 96 60x80, 60x96
64 80 64x80
72 76, 80, 96 72x76, 72x80, 72x96
96 80 96x80
124 80 124x80


Common Size:

36 inch / 48 inch / 72 inch

5 ft / 6 ft / 8 ft

What are French Doors?

French doors, also called French windows, have glass panels at their entire length. These doors are simple yet give a classical feel and rustic charm. It’s perfect for letting the sunshine brighten your room and make it look spacious. Besides, It usually has bilateral hinge fixtures on either side. Hence these are wider doors with middles opening, making it an attractive door option for many interior designers and homeowners.

Types of French Doors:

Even though French doors are traditionally similar to the idea I explained in the previous section, it has several varieties. As time passed, everything goes through modification and came out to be different in different models. The same happened with French doors. So here is the list of different types of French doors.

  • Hinged French doors
  • Sliding French doors
  • Folding French doors
  • French doors with sidelights
  • French doors with transom windows
  • Arched French doors

Energy-efficient French Doors Material:

Energy efficiency is a significant factor when selecting doors and windows. Since French doors are made of glass, they are not energy efficient and can reduce your home's insulation. Hence, several French door materials that are energy efficient and robust are available in the market.

  • Fiberglass:durable, low-maintenance, and provides excellent insulation.
  • Vinyl:These are energy-efficient, low-cost, plastic damages. And available in various colors and styles.
  • Engineered wood fiber: environmentally friendly, strong, and provides excellent insulation.
  • Low-E insulated glass: coat, argon-filled hard coat, and argon-filled soft coat, and offers much higher R values than regular glass panels.

How to Secure French Doors:

Securing French doors is the most challenging task. Since these doors have glass panels, they are only secure if they are impact-proof and intelligent. So, let's look into simple techniques to secure your French door that can keep thieves and other bogglers out of our home.

  • Get impact-resistant glass for new doors, especially in hurricane-prone areas. It can withstand a tremendous amount of force and is effective against burglars.
  • Use a three-point locking system for double French doors. It includes metal rods that extend from the door up to the top of the door frame and down to the floor, making the doors much stronger than the deadbolt alone.
  • Use a high-quality mortise lock instead of standard deadbolts because they are harder to breach.
  • Install a double-cylinder deadbolt to prevent anyone from breaking the glass, reaching in, and unlocking the door.
  • Install security hinges for gates that open outward with the hinges accessible from the outside, including set screw hinges, stud hinges, and hinges with nonremovable pins.

Classic and Modern French Door Styles:

Classic French door designs typically feature ornate details, intricate patterns, and a traditional appearance. They also often have smaller panes of glass. In contrast, modern French door designs tend to have a more straightforward, streamlined look with clean lines and minimalist details. They also feature more prominent, single panes of glass for a sleeker appearance.

Additionally, modern ones have beneficial incorporation of energy-efficient materials and technology to improve insulation and reduce energy costs that classic ones lack. Yet, both sorts of designs provide a different appeal to interior esthetics.

However, don’t worry because a French door has a lot of traditional and contemporary designs available that you can mix and match with your interior. For instance, you can opt for arched or Dutch French doors for a rustic, more formal look. However, you can pick a sliding or bifold French door with an elite-looking French window for a beautiful sunrise view.

Let me tell you about some famous classic French door designs, i.e., Hinged French doors, French doors with sidelights, Arched French doors, Pocket French doors, Dutch French doors, etc. Besides, here is a list of modern Folding French doors, Bifold French doors, Pivot French doors, French doors with built-in blinds or metal frames, Frameless French doors, etc.

Are French Doors Energy Efficient?

French doors have been available for generations but have never been an energy-efficient feature. However, technological advancement has now removed this shortcoming of French doors by 90 percent. The insulated glass makes the French an energy-efficient door because it doesn’t transfer heat for cold. Besides, people will use less lighting when light moves into the home through French doors. Hence, french doors are energy efficient even if they have glass panels.

Pros & Cons of French Doors:

French Doors come with a classic and timeless look, allowing natural light to flood the interior. However, French doors have advantages and disadvantages, like any home improvement project.  Here are some possible pros and cons.

Here are some of the pros and cons of French doors:


  • Elegant & sophisticated appearance
  • Allow natural light & improve ventilation
  • Wide opening for easy movement of large objects
  • A clear view of the surroundings.
  • They are long-lasting with proper care and maintenance.


  • A French door would cost you a lot.
  • They Are more prone to damage because of the glass panels.
  • Less energy-efficient if not properly insulated
  • They require regular maintenance
  • It may not be as secure as other doors
  • It can take up more space


French doors are an excellent and beneficial addition to your home interior. They are energy efficient and bring in light with a beautiful outside view. However, their expensive and vulnerable to pressure and accidents, as glass are breakable if the quality could be better. Hence, you must consider esthetics, longevity, security, and a positively appealing look before choosing a French door. Overall, they are the best among all the other door styles and designs, especially sliding ones.

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