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How to import Doors & Windows from China

by ShellyXue 07 Feb 2023 0 Comments

China is a country with many window and door manufacturing companies. Importing windows and doors from China can be a good idea for contractors or business people because some benefits come with it.

This article covers everything you need to know about buying or importing windows and doors from China. Saving money and making international business easier are two advantages of doing so.

Finding an appropriate seller

You need to contact the business directly to ensure that the official manufacturer makes the product you're buying. Foshan-based window and door manufacturer George Buildings would be an excellent resource for information.

You can look online for customer reviews to find a good windows and doors supplier. You'll be able to compare notes with other buyers and ensure that you're getting a good deal in this way.

You must narrow down your list of potential suppliers to obtain quotations from suppliers. 

After finding the best supplier, you can contact them to quote the price.

Ensure that the prices, delivery times, warranties, terms of sale and payment, who will pay for shipping, insurance, transportation costs, and duties to be paid are all included in these quotations.

It's essential to find a supplier who can meet high-quality standards and deliver on time, offering great designs and prices. Therefore, you should only consider suppliers who are friendly, prompt in responding to your questions, and professional in their dealings.

Sourcing Agent

A reputable sourcing agent can help you with your business dealings in China. They can help you arrange product quality inspections and transport your windows and doors from China to their final destination, wherever you are.

Quality Inspection

A professional sourcing agent can arrange for a third-party quality inspection of your windows and doors before they are shipped to your country if there are a lot of transactions involved.

Service of Shipping

You will need a shipping company or a customs broker to transport your brand-new doors and windows from China to your new residence. Know exactly what fees are included and excluded when you negotiate. Shipping fees do not include the cost of shipping containers, a wharf fee, clearance charges, and other costs you will have to pay on your own. Customs brokers will take care of everything for you, and you will only have to contact their personnel to find out where your shipment is.


After your new windows and doors have been delivered to your house or building, your local builder will be the one to install them. They will need to know the specifications of your windows and doors to make the installation as easy as possible.

Why does it yourself?

You can undertake a do-it-yourself project or become self-reliant if you have a lot of patience and enjoy working independently. However, remember that there is a lot to learn and a thousand or more things to do, many of which can be challenging for a single person.

You'll likely have to deal with various Chinese suppliers, shipping companies, customs brokers, and others during the complicated import process. The project for installing the windows and doors might cost you money.

Language Barrier

Foreigners often need help communicating with manufacturers, sellers, and importers in China. It's essential to hire someone who can speak Chinese and help you understand what's going on. 

Issue of Quality

When importing windows or doors, you should expect high-quality products if you specify the details correctly. Smaller factories often find this difficult because they may need more resources to produce consistent windows and doors.

Time Barrier

A company might tell you they can complete your order within 60 days, but this may not be the case. In some cases, the production process may take longer than expected. Shipping can also carry around 30 days, but it can take longer.

How to avoid difficulties?

Planning a purchase from China can be a lot of work, but getting the best possible products is worth it.

  1. You'll need to carefully plan what you want, including the specific items and accessories that will be required.
  2. You can use illustrations or drawings to help you get all of your measurements right.
  3. Make sure to choose a supplier who can produce the items you're ordering according to your requirements.
  1. Allow plenty of time for the purchase process, including allowances for local holidays, weather conditions, and any other unforeseen delays.
  1. Finally, hire an interpreter and a sourcing agent to help you with the negotiations and paperwork involved in importing your items.

Windows & Doors Options importing from China


Plastic is uPVC or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. The reason that uPVC is maintenance-free and durable is it is a widely used material in making doors and windows. So this can be a great chance to invest.


Vinyl is a type of plastic made from chlorine and ethylene. Vinyl is resistant to rotting & warping, so this will last longer. Using vinyl over other materials will save you money over time because of this.

Stainless steel

These doors have an insulated foam core and a sturdy steel face. They are highly durable and can be used both inside and outside. Due to their durability and ease of upkeep, stainless steel windows and doors are the best security barriers for your home.

Wooden Material

Wooden doors are usually used for interior doors, which helps to keep sound in and heat and cold out. They're elegant and easy to install and last a long time.


Due to its strength and long-term durability, aluminium is the most widely used door material. Modern aluminium frame windows feature thermal breaks to increase energy efficiency and are frequently used for garage and security doors.


With the assistance of runners and guide rails, this kind of door slides to the side. There could be a sliding shutter on this type of door.

Because it serves as both a window and a door, it is frequently found in buildings and homes. Sliding doors, if not tinted, maximize space efficiency while providing adequate ventilation and bright lighting. Sliding doors made of uPVC are gaining popularity because they are stylish, cost-effective, and valuable.


Folding doors are furniture that opens by folding back in two or more panels. They can be used in large rooms and patios, perfect for flexibility and transforming your space. They're also great for moving around quickly. Bifold garage doors have a lot of flexibility regarding how they show the outside world.


These doors are a type of door that comes from France. French doors are made of light construction and have glass panes that go most of the way down the door. French doors are great for being elegant, safe, functional, and beautiful. Bifold French doors are unique because they allow unobstructed access to other spaces.


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