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10 Types of Round Windows

by ShellyXue 07 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Windows come in many different shapes and sizes, but most people use a basic rectangle for their windows.  You can add a window with a unique form if you want your home to look different.  Curved windows' architectural interest and beauty can be seen in various rooms.  For modern homes, custom circular windows are ideal.

Circle Windows

A type of window has a symmetrical design and a graceful curve.  These windows are frequently found in stairways, bathrooms, closets, and entryways.  They provide more light in tight and small areas, and they look lovely on their own or as part of a design.  Circle windows are a good option for both modern & traditional setting homes.  They also have architectural value, which is another reason to choose them.

Hexagon Windows

Hexagon windows are shaped like honeycombs.  They have six straight edges and angles; people sometimes call them hexagonal windows, six-sided windows, or hexagon-shaped windows.

Hexagon windows are stunning additions to any home, regardless of their name.  Hexagonal windows are now standard in bathrooms and entryways.  They can appear as a single focal point or as a series of three horizontally or vertically.  Depending on your need, the Hexagon windows can be opened or closed.

Octagon Windows

Octagon windows are like hexagons but with eight sides.  Because they add a lot of elegance to any room, they're a traditional style that's been making a comeback.  Octagonal windows let in the fresh air and a breeze, which is excellent in the bathroom or kitchen.  You can give the glass grilles if you want a more traditional look.  In modern homes, octagonal windows without grilles typically appear more contemporary.

Oval Windows

The shape of an oval window is like an egg.  They are frequently utilized vertically and have elongated frames, similar to an egg's shell.  Traditional farmhouses, cottages, and historical homes typically opt for oval windows.  They can be vinyl, wood, or fibreglass and embellish an entryway, study, or staircase.

Arch Windows or Full Springline

Arches are a window that combines the sharp edges of a rectangle and the gentle curves of a circle.  The arch is rectangular on the bottom and half-circle or arch on the top.  This kind of window can be used in a series of three or more to make a beautiful pattern, adding a touch of traditional style to a room.

 The repeated design can make a room feel calmer and more inviting, making it perfect for living and dining rooms.  These windows can be ordered in natural wood or painted black, whichever matches the colour of your walls.  These round windows will always suit your home regardless of the colouring of the arches.

Half Round Windows

Half Round Windows, Full Chord Windows, and Semicircle Windows are all alternative names for half-circle windows.  A line that runs through any two points on a circle is called a chord.  A half circle cuts the process at its diameter, whereas a chord slices a shorter section.  

Half-circle windows can be used as transoms over another window to add beauty and let in natural light.  If the half-circle window is placed above a door, we suggest making it the same width as the door frame.  Additionally, half-circle windows can be utilized as a distinct design element.

Partial Chord Windows

A type of window known as a partial chord window has two distinct sections divided down the middle.  Because they are taller than regular windows, partial chord windows can provide more natural light and are frequently used as a transom above other windows.

 Partially chorded windows add an exceptional, delicate touch to any home and are particularly popular in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Quarter Round Windows or Quarter Circle Windows

Quarter-round windows are just like half of a pie - they have a shape that is cut in half, and they look like a quarter of a pie.  These windows often go great with rectangular window frames and look lovely with high ceilings in rooms.  

This causes natural light to let in, which is excellent for rooms with a lot of natural light.  These windows are a well-rounded addition to any space.

Elliptical Windows

They are frequently used as accents on large window combinations, patio, and front doors.  Oval windows can create an "umbrella effect" above French doors or front doors with sidelights, making the door appear more unified.  Grilles are frequently added to elliptical windows by homeowners to divide the light streams and appeal to a more conventional style that always stays in fashion.

Half Elliptical Windows

Half-elliptical windows look like an elliptical that has been split in half, but they are on the side rather than the front.  Typically, they are paired together, distributing light from one window across two.  The room appears more extensive and open as if you were in the great outdoors.  Half-elliptical windows made of wood or white with metal or plastic grilles are standard in traditional homes.  They can also appear contemporary and modern without other grilles by simply being black.

There are ten standard designs, but you can also have windows made to your specifications.  These can be shaped in any way you like, and if you are still looking for standard options that meet your needs, Pella can make them for you.

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