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Knowledge about New Patio Door

by KE JIAYI 25 Apr 2023 0 Comments

If you are planning a new patio door, you should gather maximum knowledge about the overall features of the patio door. Understanding all the factors, features and customization options will help you to choose the door that will accompany you for as long as possible. Even if you already have a patio door and you want to install a new one, you will want to get knowledge about the security, design, structure, style, efficiency and costs of the new patio doors available in the markets.

In this article, we are going to guide you about various aspects of patio doors. So stick around.

Patio door configuration and standard sizes

A great number of manufacturers offer patio doors in the three most common panel configurations: 2, 3, and 4. On the other hand, these dimensions could not always allow for the installation of blinds or triple glazing. Take note of whether the door handles are on the left or the right side of the door.

 Standard Size(in")
Width Height Size
96 80, 84, 96 96x80, 96x84, 96x96
120 80, 96 120x80, 120x96
144 96 144x96



Custom-sized patio doors

For a patio door setup that is bigger than the standard size, you'll have to purchase a custom-made product at a higher cost. The cost of your desired design (such as transoms or multiple panels) may be twice as much as a standard configuration. Sliding patio doors that are not of standard size may not have options for blinds that are within the glass.

If you're planning to replace your patio door with one that's 4-8 inches wider than usual and want to save money, ask your sales representative about a solution that reduces the door opening width. - Installing wider mouldings inside the house - Adding broader capping outside the house.

Transom vs full height

Alternative choices for greater shade, ventilation, and energy savings should be taken into account when replacing a patio door with a transom. These alternatives include adding tint, triple-glazing, or an awning window in place of the transom.

Patio doors with transoms as opposed to those without.

The alternative to employing a transom is to choose a higher door. By using this method, the sliding door's price may be reduced, but it may also make the door heavier, hasten the wear on the rollers, and necessitate replacing the outdated shading system. Triple glazing and inside blinds are often not permitted on doors that are taller than 79.5".


Sliding patio doors come in different materials such as wood, metal, fibreglass, vinyl, and cladding combinations.

Vinyl patio doors are popular due to their affordability and low maintenance. Sliding patio doors made of metal offer high security, while those made of wood are highly energy-efficient.

Choosing a material always involves making a compromise. Vinyl patio doors require less maintenance compared to wood, metal, and fibreglass doors due to their resistance to environmental effects.


Frames vary in quality and importance, so it's crucial to have a sturdy and well-insulated frame. Search for a design with multiple chambers as it will improve the structure and decrease heat transfer. Using aluminium reinforcement will make the frame sturdy and prevent it from sagging in the future.

Exterior and interior finishes and colors

Outside and inside appearance and shades.

Vinyl sliding patio door makers use vinyl paint or vinyl laminate to add colour to the inside and outside of their windows. Vinyl paint offers more colour choices than vinyl laminates, although both methods yield attractive outcomes. Vinyl laminates are stronger than vinyl paints and have a longer warranty.

You can find wooden sliding patio doors in many different colours and stains. The doors require regular touch-ups based on their exposure to the elements.

Sliding patio doors with cladding are usually offered in a few colours and textures. Check the warranty details carefully for possible delamination of cladding in severe weather areas.


Sliding patio doors usually have tempered safety glass, which is stronger than regular glass and breaks into small pieces instead of sharp shards in case of accidents.

Double-glazed glass is necessary for Canada's extreme temperatures, and triple-glazed glass provides additional sound and weather insulation. Using Krypton gas and Low-E coatings in addition to Argon gas can enhance the energy efficiency of the door that is usually filled between the glass.

If you prioritise glass security, you can also opt for laminated security glass. It's very durable and doesn't shatter or produce sharp fragments.

Blinds & Tints

Sliding patio doors can be a challenge when it comes to blocking sunlight and maintaining privacy. Window treatments for the outside of a house can be cumbersome and bothersome.

Some window manufacturers have blinds that are placed between the glass panes and can be controlled magnetically to adjust the angle or height of the blinds. Most mechanisms work similarly, but some are more integrated into the door and function better than others. You can usually only get between-the-glass blinds for standard-sized patio doors. However, you can ask your door specialist if they can adjust the door opening to fit your request.


Patio door manufacturers use various methods to make their sliding doors operate smoothly and silently. Find a patio door that smoothly glides with minimal effort and remains easy to use for the duration of the warranty. Usually, a longer warranty means more satisfaction with your patio doors. Additionally, the price you pay often reflects the quality you receive. Read the warranty's fine print to know what's covered and for how long.

Locking Hardware & Security

Locks on patio doors are equally important as those on front doors. However, they are often neglected. Spending a little extra money can provide added security and peace of mind.

Three salespeople came to my home to give me a quote for a sliding patio door, but none of them mentioned any security upgrades, possibly because it wouldn't benefit them much. Ask your sales representative about the available locking options for better results.

Most manufacturers use single-point locks as standard locks. Ensure that they lock upwards instead of downwards, as this serves as an anti-lift deterrent.

Locks with multiple points (optional)

Multi-point locks usually consist of two latches - one that locks upwards and another that locks downwards - to securely hold the door in place and prevent any movement.

Deadbolt locks are commonly installed on sliding doors. They can be found in the centre, top, or bottom of the patio door. Some manufacturers even provide a keyed option for the deadbolt. Certain deadbolts can be used to lock your door partially open for ventilation, while also serving as an anti-lift deterrent.

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