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Top 6 Prefab Homes

by Della Wang 31 Jul 2023 0 Comments

A wise decision you have made by going for a prefabricated house (built in a factory). Now that you are ready to spend more than a few grand, let us take a look at six of the best options you have for a perfect prefab home.


Which type of Prefab Home can you get under $20K? 


Here is some good news for you: many of the prefab homes in the market are below $10K.


Jamaica Cottage Shop


Jamaica Cottage Shop is a prefab house builder and merchant with its headquarters in Vermont. The firm specialises in shed, cottage, cabin, and compact home designs.


Incorporating post and beam structure and a wooden façade, these cottages and tiny homes offer a traditional wooden appearance. Homes range in price from $155 to $450 every square foot.


Buyers can choose from a variety of packages when procuring a house. The most popular kinds of packages available are home kits. These kits do not come preassembled, but they do contain all the components needed to build the house to a specific stage of completion.


There is an option to purchase pre-assembled homes for those who live within a 200-mile radius of the company's headquarters.


Before you look further into this solution, review the fact that the interiors of neither the completely executed home or the kits are finished. For around $5,000 apiece, homebuyers may purchase all of the plumbing and wiring supplies separately.


Moon House DIAM Dome Framing Kit


With the help of the included instruction manual, two to three people can assemble this entire dome frame kit. The interior of this self-supporting structure may be configured however the user pleases.


Even without skilled labour, assembling the prefabricated dome is simple. It is crucial to keep in mind that the entire kit is incomplete and just a dome frame kit is provided.


The frame kit's components have been pre-cut and precisely drilled to make it easier for untrained people to assemble them confidently and precisely in 3 to 4 days.

The longest portion is around 7.5 feet long, making it simple for one person to carry. The only substantial component that requires the homeowner to rent lifting equipment is a circular metal plate at the kit's highest position.


BOSS Tiny House


Here we have a tiny home kit, a complete do-it-yourself project that could be built anywhere. The houses are elegant, adaptable, and reasonably priced.


Step-by-step instructions that are included with the structure make the building procedure rather simple; two people may complete it in three days.  


Due to the lack of a crane needed for unloading, this building offers homeowners the chance to save on the expense of transporting large prebuilt homes on trailers.


These affordable small home kits are available for purchase and may be utilised anywhere needed as an extra room, lodge, game area, or workplace. The new building will be attractive, contemporary, useful, and cost-effective.


The house has a solid steel frame with insulation, ten-foot ceilings, and a smooth, roomy interior coated in plastisol. Electrical is included in the kit, however plumbing work is an extra that may be added. It can be put on a foundation or trailer.


Easy Domes


Anyone looking for high-quality prefab homes for less than twenty thousand dollars can get prefabricated and environmentally friendly construction parts from Easy Domes. Their multi-award-winning dome structure comes handy for a variety of things, including a store, eco-tourism, and private lodging.


A person's preferences for features such as casements, room layouts, flooring, water and energy availability, and interior and exterior building materials are taken into consideration while designing and manufacturing a dome.


Twenty-one wooden pieces, two wall pieces for the front door, and load installation are all part of a dome-building kit. The supply also includes fittings designed to install each component pretty easily.


Bamboo Living


A firm called Bamboo Living has architects and designers that combine cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with age-old bamboo workmanship. By this profound strategy, homeowners will receive a sustainable personalised house.


This green business reduces its usage of wood and lumber by using bamboo and other eco-friendly products. The buildings are constructed from Grade A bamboo wood, so no need to worry about the house's sturdiness and durability.  


The assembly may be finished on-site in one to seven days. Preassembled homes are shipped from the factory. For simple reassembly, a nearby constructor who works on-site may be required. Each square foot of the residence's costs between $203 and as much as $378.


To ensure outstanding strength, durability, and a high grade of interior fresh air, the raw materials have been picked and processed to the highest standards.


Their dwellings are also built to withstand harsh weather conditions like earthquakes, cyclones, and hurricanes. Bamboo Living have tested their products which have survived category five storms with winds of up to 200 miles per hour.


Allwood Outlet


Allwood Outlet, one of the best retailers of sustainable wood goods made in and mostly imported from Scandinavia and the Baltic States, is your sixth and best option as a prefabricated house.


The family-run company is committed to offer premium goods at competitive prices (we are not lying). The Allwood Escape by this company is also an affordable small home kit which has gained respect of a band of customers who have tried Allwood Outlet products.


This kit can be put together in two days by only a couple. Simply following the straightforward, step-by-step DIY instructions is all that is needed. The only instruments you would need are these: scaffolding, measuring tape, a level, pliers, hammer, and lastly, a rubber mallet.


An amusing fact about the prefabricated kit is that yes, the instructions are pretty easy to follow making the assembling a breeze, regardless of a sturdy, premium, dense-grained Nordic Spruce that may appear heavy and hard to manoeuvre (it's not).




You have a variety of companies to choose as a homeowner that seeks affordable prefabricated home solutions. You can go green and pour your money for a Bamboo Living prefab home, or prioritise aesthetics and buy a cutesy prefab home from Jamaica Cottage Shop. The prefab home market is brimful with astounding and inexpensive options!


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