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11 Best Bifold Garage Door Designs

by KE JIAYI 28 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Home garage doors have come a long way in design aesthetics and build quality. There is an option for traditional garage doors and bifold garage doors. Unlike traditional garage doors, bifold garage door folds in half, which makes them a perfect choice for commercial use.

The purpose of garage door installation is that it should make your life convenient, add an aesthetic touch to the home or any building, and it should last decades. Hence, bifold garage doors are suitable, especially if you face space constraints. We discuss the 11 Best Bifold garage door designs below.

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Residential Vertical Bifold Garage Doors

Residential vertical bifold garage doors are most suitable for people owning one or two cars. They easily fold inside the garage, so there is maximum space for car drive-in and drive-out.

These garage doors are chic and sleek in looks, as they come in different colors and customization options to give a unique curb appeal to the home. They provide a full broad view, so if you live downtown or in a commercial or residential area and own a classic or luxury car. Imagine how many heads will roll!

Residential Horizontal Bifold Garage Doors

Residential Horizontal Bifold Garage Doors bend outward and slide across the track. It can be opened either manually, or works automatically too. Compared to vertical, these are easier to operate and are available at a lower cost.

One of the key benefits of such doors is that they can accommodate uneven floors, low headroom space, or even high ceilings. One can easily operate them with remote control, automatic stops, and reverse mechanisms.

Canopy-Type Bifold Glass Garage Door

When the canopy bifold garage door opens, it folds into a v-shape, hence the canopy name. Canopy bifold garage door has two panels, which when folded gives more space. These doors are a suitable option for small and compact spaces. Their folding allows for natural light to seep in, and their v-shape makes them good deflectors of snow, and rainwater.

although, they are quite flexible their design and stylish look make them an expensive choice.

Vertical Bifold Doors for Garage

Vertical Bifold door completely folds upward, they are not in sight. They give homes a modern stylish look, that you can never imagine with traditional garage doors. These fixtures work on Pascal’s principle which uses pressure from hydraulic cylinders for a smooth operation. It completely eliminates the need of springs and pulleys which otherwise make the operation somewhat mechanical.

Commercial Bifold Garage Doors

Bifold garage doors are also available for commercial and residential-commercial use. They are preferred as they slide without friction with minimal noise. As in commercial buildings, the garage door open and closes frequently, their functionality makes them a suitable choice.

The ergonomic design implies that they are built to last as there are no noisy springs or creaking door tracks.


Wooden Bifold Awning Garage Door

If you want to give your home curb a classic look, then a wooden bifold garage door makes up for a perfect choice. When opened, they fold into a V-shape just like canopy garage doors, making them a good reflector of snow and rain.

Wooden Bifold doors are mostly produced from timber wood which is the high-quality wood, and the protective coat of paint ensures that the door is not susceptible to any damage. Timber is durable enough to resist weather factors such as heat and moisture, hence providing insulation from harsh weather as well.

Hydraulic Bifold Overhead Garage Doors

Hydraulic Bifold Overhead Garage Doors are free of cables, straps, and springs which makes them a clear choice as all its operations are in hindsight. The hydraulic system works on Pascal’s Principle, so they swing out when opened. They have pulled away from the building structure by exerting force on the building header.

Moreover, a power unit that runs the opening and closing operation of such fixtures could be placed anywhere in the building. It is beneficial as whenever the operation is performed, it is quite.

Automated Bifold Doors for Garage

Automated Bifold Doors for Garages are easy to operate as the run-on automatic system with easy controls such as automatic stopping and reversing. There are some drawbacks, however. For example, if you have a traditional garage door, you might need to install a motor on the top of the garage door which could be costly if it is not compatible.

These fixtures tend to be costly in the first place but when installed, they run without any hassle and an element of beauty to the garage door.

Overhead Bifold Glazed Garage Doors

Overhead Bifold Glazed Garage Doors are made of glazed panels that allow for the spacious natural light. Their opening overhead and suspension make them easy to use and maintain. Mostly they are made up of steel, aluminum, and uPVC material. These materials provide sturdiness, which makes them resistant to harsh factors such as weather, or any possible damage. Their go-to design makes them a perfect choice for any garage but their initial costs could be heavy on the pocket.

Bifold Fire Station Garage Doors

Bifold Fire Station Garage Doors provide the comfort of low maintenance of costs and security. Despite their low costs, they are durable and long-lasting. These fixtures can withstand harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, and thunderous rain against them.

These doors can run on both automatic and manual operations. In case of power failure, one can easily open them manually so you don’t feel trapped inside your own home.


Whatever type of bifold garage door you choose next, they have a number of advantages for both residential and commercial applications. These doors are an excellent choice for adding a modern and fashionable look to your home while also giving optimum room and convenience. They are also long-lasting and sturdy, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck. Bifold garage doors can meet a number of demands and tastes because they come in a variety of designs and materials. So, bifold doors are a terrific option to consider if you want to add functionality, flair, and value to your garage.

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